Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just my Thoughts

I would like to say that, you live life one day at a time so for that time, so with that said, girls take notice, I think that it's important for you to understand that these years (college years and up to the mid 20s) are a time where we as men are growing into what we are supposed to be. As a man I can say that we like to spend time with you but we don't look into the future too often like you do. A girl will break up with a good guy because she think that he might not necessarily be the one. But what is the "one?" Should he become preconceived image that you have in your mind as to what you think you want in you ideal person? Or the person that generally makes you as an individual happy? Most men, or at least in my opinion don't necessarily have a "one' but rather we settle with the person that makes us happy the longest. I think this is the best way that both men and women should both decide who the "one" is.

I mean think about it, every person that you have settled down with has had a different feature about them that you liked. For me, no one girl has ever been the same, and because of that I don't really have a the "one." I can sit here and describe various things that I like in my ideal woman but there is no "one." That concept can literally destroy a relationship. Trust me. I think that because every girl I've talked to has been different it allows me to develop a sense of what qualities I like and dislike. Then I try to find a person that matches the various traits that I like. But every girl is different so I might like them a lot for something that is small.

Blaw.... I think that makes sense. Well sorry I haven't been updating, its because I'm making music and I'm doing this good homework. Bare with me.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Have you ever dreamed of Perfection... Well Last night I did

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I had a dream last night that was rather crazy and inspired my to write this post. I figured this goes along with the topic of my blog so I decided to spark up and write down what happened in this crazy dream. It's crazy because I know for one, it will never happen and for two, there is no such thing as perfection. Ok so the dream was as follows, I was falling asleep to Alladin the cartoon from back in the day on the Disney channel so of course what I was watched carried into my dream. And here's what happened. I was walking down 4th street and I found this bong and I took it home because I was really going to the store to grab dutches. When I got home I cleaned it off and tried to use it. As I was smoking getting pretty high, this steam came up and next thing you know there was my genie.

I was soo happy because I already knewmy three wishes. (I've practiced this incase this does ever happen.) Rrather than your standed three wishes he said, "Squizzy you may create the perfect woman who will be yours forever!! And you already know I was gassed up and ready.

But as I was just about finished my ideal woman and she was mine forever, I woke up! Terrible right? So today's post is about what I deem as the ideal woman. Here we go.

First of all I love eyes... I know your probably reading this like eyes... You have to be kidding me... EYES!! Yes. I love eyes. The ones that intrigue you and draw me into her. Especially when your in conversation with you. I think a girl that has nice eyes are very very very sexy. Shout out to all the ladies that have nice eyes. She has to have big beautiful eyes point blank, lets move on.

This is I guess the part that your waiting for, I like all different shapes of women, I can't even lie, I've been attracted to thick shorties and petite ones as well. I find the shape of women especially BLACK women, to be like art. Literally like god sculpted each of you individually, beautifully and with perfection each time. I have found something sexy about every single woman that I have EVER been attracted to. So now that I have to choose I would say a girl who is thin (does that sound right?) or but not too thick. I don't really like the extra skinny model chick type that I feel every girl is trying to be... I like something to grab and poke at HAHA.

Another big thing for me is skin texture. NO NOT COMPLEXION. So she has very delicate skin to the point where even if you grab too hard it might leave a red mark... Not on some Chris Brown grab HAHA (low blow, hold ya head young bull) but you know, in the heat of the moment you might grip her up or need to use a little aggression.

Ok I just thought of t his... Yes, while I do like certain video girls, I don't necessarily WANT one... It really is just something to look at on TV. Plus when she has kids or gets old thats going to be NASTY. So with that said, I want a girl who wants to take care of her body. So this girl definately takes care of her self and is fresh because I won't ever slack so I wanna be able to compliment her style and compliment her!

She has to have nice feet. I just thought of that. I like feet and Im not ashamed to admit it. If you have Nice feet your OK in my book. So this girl MUST have nice feet. They don't even have to be manicured but just have nice feet.

Next, you know, I am not an ass man, I am not a chest man, I honestly am a a huge fan of both. Generally I find that most girls have one or the other. In my travels, I can even venture to say that only maybe 15% of the women I have encountered had both going on. So because of that I, being what I consider to be the standard guy understands that majority of the women I will encounter will have both so if your out there mad that you can't have both, don't worry baby we are over it. So for this model my ideal woman would have nice boobs you know, B and up, and her body is thick but not too thick you know have hips just dont be a match box stick, can you dig it?

So whats left? Oh yeh, skin complexion. I know this is another sticky topic in the African American community but I'm going to keep it real with my answer. First of all, before I give this girl a complexion I love BLACK women it doesn't matter where you are from whether it be Puerto Rican, Brazillian, African American or Nigerian, I love BLACK women, mixed women and all that. Ok so I guess really what I'm sayingis I'm not attracted you.... you know. To be political. I mean hey, theres nothing wrong with it if YOU are but I have the right to my opinion.
So for this girl she is, damn, its taking me a second,(15 seconds), ok so I like, (45 seconds) ya know what, I like (2 minutes) her to be brown skin. There we go a nice brown skinned shorty. And this is not knocking an other type of shorty because like I said it doesn't matter to me but this is what this is right now.

Ok finally hair, I like her hair to atleast be longer than her face. Now there is nothing wrongwith the short hair look. Halle Berry had it for years and it was bangin but, for the sake of this project this is what she has. Oh and she must keep her hair up. Thats a must. I keep my hair up so she should as well. Referr to my facebook page if in doubt Im spinnin.

Also she has to have a nice smile. It's funny because I would never smile because I had braces most ofmy life honestly. So when I finally got them off which was rather recent, I never smiled because I wasn't used to it. I still don't know "how" to smile. I know that sounds whack and or crazy.

Her personality must this:

I like cool shorties. I hate those stuck up type girls who don't like to laugh or hang out and chill and aren't friendly. I mean look at me, I think i am one of the funniest people I know. I think if I had my own TV show it would be a hit. SO I need a shorty that likes to havbe a good time like that, and isn't serious all the time. I like shorties that like to go to social events such as bars or parties. Because if I can't have a good time with you than, its whack. So that means your friends have to be cool as well because Lord knows I don't want to have to deal with a girl whose friends are always yapping in her hear about everything that I'm doing. And with that said, This shorty is independent on every level, she has to be able to have her own opinion on things rather than listening to what everyone says. She's not jealous and is always willing to compromise so that we both are happy. Make Love not War.

Also is self motivated, because if shes not motiveated it will bring down my motivation to pursue this music career. (shout out HOWHOOD U.) So this girl doesn't care when I'm in the studio, infact wants me to be in the studio so that I can be sucessful. With that said for her, I will always be supportive in all the things she aspires to do, so it works out perfectly. She understnadthat I love being in the studio because I love making msuic but I also hate it because I'm away from her.

SOO what else??? I dunno that sound like a pretty cool girl.I'm tired of this, I think there is no perfect girl for me,I think i'll have to just off who makes me the most happy and who I can make the most happy. I'll have to come back to this eventually. But yeh I'm done this is mad long family. And I didn't even get to enjoy the broccoli smoke time.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Squizifeld's Theory

Ok today's blog is about the different types of guys that I'm going to be using as examples in all of my stories. I think that before I really get into this whole story of my encounters you must understand these people that I use or you will get lost. Personally I want this blog to be not only a place where women can come to read up on the inner thoughts of men, but I also want them to walk away with knowledge so that the gap between the females that say "niggas ain't shit," and all males can be closed and a resolution be discovered through some further means of dialogue.

These are four types of male personalities that I feel dictate the relationship of him and his woman. The first is:

The "Day to Day" Guy

The Day to Day guy is probably the most confused and easily mislead of the four types. He never really plans his actions out or thinks about consequences of them, he just does what he thinks will please him at that very moment. He is easily mislead because, he will have an agenda and try to stick to his plans but, there's no telling what will happen through out the course of his day, he just coasts through the day and directly reacts to his surroundings. He really goes with the flow of the situation, and tends to think of the consequence of his actions after the fact or as he's getting in and out of the situation . The thing the day to day guy has on his side is his innocence. A lot of the times he says things that he doesn't necessarily mean at the time but when he is being honest with you he really is being honest. Also, he is unpredictable, that could either benefit the relationship or hinder it, its can vary. He enjoys the company of others and hates being alone. That could be a good and bad thing depending on the situation. He genuinely enjoys being with his friends because he finds comfort and can really be himself with out judgement around them. The thing that is great about this guy is that if your fighting with him majority of the time after the first couple of hours given the issue, he will forget about it and move on. Ladies, its hard work to keep this guy focused, so if your with him or talking to him both of you must work to keep the friendship or potential relationship going. If he gets too bored he will stray like a dog. But the flip side of the matter is that he does not want to feel too smothered because if he does, he will start to require more and more space. Now the key is that the space that he requires does not mean he wants to see other people, it just means that if he feels he is loosing his own self identity and must spend time doing "him," whether it be with his friends doing their thing or by himself. The day to day guy honestly, is a piece of work, he's the one that will require a lot of patience but the outcome can be worth the hard work.

The “Playboy” Guy

The Playboy is the type of guy that has more than one woman and is never really content with the women he is with. The Playboy tends to have extensive relationships with different women and treats them all differently on different levels. There is usually the “Main Squeeze,” or the girl that he is with most, and the “Shorties on the Side,” who are treated with more respect than others girls because they are held dear to the Playboy even though there is no stable relationship. A lot of the free time that the Playboy has is occupied by making sure the women he is in a relationship with are satisfied sexually and tend not to spend quality time because of the lack of it. The Playboy can also engage in other meaningless relationships with random women but these are not as significant as the ones that he shares with the women that he spends time with on a regular basis. Family and friends of the Playboy are usually withheld from the women that he is seeing because the chance of confusion is less when less is known about the relationship. While the Playboy is commended amongst his peers for having many women, the lifestyle is stressful, costly and often leaves the Playboy with no women after they find out about his other relationships.

The “Cool Whipped” Guy

The Cool Whipped (CW) is the type of guy that is in a stable relationship with his woman but sacrifices time with friends and family. The CW is very happy with the way things are going in the relationship and tries to make the best situation for him and his lady. Most time of the CW is spent with his woman and he tends to make sure she is happy no matter what the case. Due to this, the time that the CW spends with his friends on the weekdays or weekend is limited if any and they tend to fall apart. The CW does not party unless his woman is present and if she is not he is respectful of the relationship and avoids as much contact with other females as possible. Many women want a man like this because they are easily manipulated and women feel comfortable in known that their man is only thinking about them! The CW is also liable to get taken advantage of easily because some women will see him as a “pushover” and use him to get what they want and then dispose of after she is finished. While the CW appears like the ideal way to go about a relationship he sacrifices so much more of his life and personality.

The "Blueprint" Guy

This personailty is probably one of the hardest to try to even figure out much less write about. Where do I start.... Ok, so this guy is the guy that pretty much tries to infuse all three of these traits into one big mess. If the Blueprint has friends who each fit the above personality traits he will most likely try to take the good and the bad of each and create what he deems to be the "perfect" blend. It doesn't work because of the influences of this counterparts. Each type will give him their own personal opinion on a sittuation leaving the Blueprint with options that often times leaves him in a bigger hole than what he started out in. Unlike the PLAYBOY the Blueprint tries to be a PLAYER and theres a distinct difference. The PLAYER does it for the respect of his peers while the PLAYBOY does it for the women.

"The Playboy does it for the love of the game, the player does it for the love of the fame," said Lucky Seven.

The Blueprint or "player" tends to brag about what he does and who he's with.The plus side is that if and when he fails at what he's trying to do, his true character comes out.

So with that ssiad, here are the traits that will be discussed through out the blog. get to know them because aftera while, I will be using them as their titles with out explaination once I feel you are smart enough to comprehend.

Monday, February 9, 2009

In the Beginning...

This is my blog. It deals with the males perspective of being in a "serious" relationship. To me there is so much literature about how women deal with relationships out there but there isn't any for men. And if there is, its not real. For me, Im as real as it gets. Im what I guess you would call the standard guy. For example, I hang out with my male friends every weekend, bark at girls, play video games, smoke weed and do all the things that most 18-25 year old men perferr to do with their time. And yes I am in a relatonship. One that has been one and off for two years. While I cherish this relationship dearly there are parts of it that I don't understand and hate. This blog has been designed as a way to not only release all that I have to say in word form but for ladies and gentlemen to use as a tool for their relationships. For men: this blog will either force you to agree and say FUCK relationships or see how badly we do fuck up haha. For females: this is a chance for you to get deep into the head of your "stereotypical males" perspective.

Here we go:

I think that relationships in the first few months are so much bullshit. You know why? Because both boy and girl are sooo infatuated that, they don't even look at the reality in their relationship. Especially females. They come into the relationship complacent about the individual. They don't notice his friends and tendencies or if they do they shrug it off and figure that they can deal with them. But after those first few months are gone the same things that she shrugs off are the same things that she complains about and wants to change about him. Females rle number 1, don't judge the guy, judge his friends. I tell you this because the old saying is true, birds of a feather do flock to gether. So if your potential person hangs with a group of guys that hangs out all night and parties... genreally he does to. If he runs around after girls... Generally he does too...ect, ect.

For men; Look at her friends, if her friends go tothe club and try to bum drinks off guys, what do you think shes doing? If her friends ect. ect. I wont go to deeply into this because this is just the ice breaker entry... GOTTA KEEP YA HOOKED

Its a general misconception fellas, that females aren't looking to change their catch. They are... They are always trying to find ways to change you whether it be subtle or it be drastic. Not only that, females have this lofty idea as to what the perfect relationship is in their heads and try to aim for that goal. OR and this is the kicker here.... They base their relationships on TV, Videos and or their friends. The ones that base their relationships on the first and third items are the ones fellas that are the mos trouble. I think my girl has that issue and let me tell you I HATE IT.

Now for the purpose of this blog I will have to use 4 forms of relationships as examples. The first example is my own relationship. I base what I do solely off of what i like to call the day to day thought. Meaning I don't plan ahead i just look at "this thing of ours" as a day to day hour by hour thing.

The second is based off what I like to call playboy. Playboy has one main girl and might have a multitude of women.

The third is the what I call the blueprint... This guy likes to base his relationship off what others are doing rather than seeking out his own style.

The fourth and final is what I call coolwhipped. He is the guy that on the low is completely whipped.

(all characters re strictly made up for the purpose of this blog.)

Through out my blog these various forms will be used a reference through out as a guide for all those that dont understand.

Now that I have given you a small synopsis of what this blog is about I am leaving because I want to smoke... But trust you me.... It can only get juicier as the time goes by... stay tunes.